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JAB Alliance

Post  nεr Mζrr on Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:09 am

It is with great pleasure that i announce we have signed an alliance, JAB, with \BOS/ and UCA. \BOS/ has been a stead fast friend of our Guild since our early days, and to have our friendship culminate in this agreement is in no small part, thanks to all members which have made Akatsuki a Guild to be respected by all as a one here to stay, to grow, and to be feared.

Acid, our GM, has worked tirelessly to achieve this Alliance, to secure not only our immediate future through help from our new Alliance friends, but more importantly we now have an important role at the inception of what will become a major Alliance to help form it the way we all believe is the right way to play, and enjoy this game.

Hail Akatsuki!
Hail JAB!!

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